Mens Fashion Boutique UK

Unconditional Clothing

Mens Jackets

Selection of unique jackets with a mixture of cowl neck, button runs, asymmetric cuts and one of a kind pieces by Lewis Carter.

Harem Pants UK

Mens Pants/Trousers

Dropcrotch, harem pants, shorts, jeans & prints, the most unique set of mens pants in the UK with one of a kind designs by Lewis Carter.

Ghost Hoodie

Mens Sweaters

Ghost hoodies, Cowl Necks, Low V sweaters & much much more with unique pieces created by menswear designer Lewis Carter.

Lewis Carter

Fashion by Lewis Carter

A collection of unique menswear from caroov boutique founder Lewis Carter, a selection of one off designer pieces sourced for the most anmoalous fashionista.

Unique Menswear UK Boutique

Shipping worldwide from the UK

Unique Menswear

After spending weekend after weekend going through the high street trying to find that one special item, that piece worthy of any boutique, hoping on finding a vivienne westwood vintage in a random store, that feeling you get having something exclusive. aims to offer a selection of one off pieces that are exclusive and beyond the high street, with fashion that exceeds the customers imagination and offers something else.
Our vision is simple, we want the customer to look through a collection of styles that exceed anything on the high street, a wow factor that only the most niche boutique can offer, so
if you love Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, Philip Stephens (Unconditional) & Alex Christopher then this is the place to be.
Harem Pants, Cowl Neck Jackets, One Button Jackets, Cardigans, Ghost Hoods, Sneakers, Blazers & some of the most unique pieces to satisfy the most anomalous male.

Inspired, motivated & obsessed by fashion caroov has launched a blog that will look into the depths of fashion, with a structure based on WYSIWYG we will be pulling every article, story or just the next cool item... Oh and just because we do not sell it does not mean we wont blog it... If we like it we will tell you where to get it!!