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Enter. Stage. Write writing Competition 

There are two script competition entries for Enter. Stage. Write this year; Transition Stage Company want to give as much opportunity as possible to writers who submit to Enter. Stage. Write in the competition and beyond the Competition. We believe in providing creatives with a 'hand up' and putting you in front and in touch with the right people to push your career in the right direction.

10-pound script submission entry for Enter.Stage.Write 

The 10-pound script submission allows you to be in the running to have your script/screenplay produced in the actual event due to take place at the prestige Royal Birmingham Conservatoire December 1st in front of an industry panel and dignities and patrons of the arts in the West Midlands also with the run in to be Enter. Stage. Write 2018 Champion and win the 1000 Pound prize or the Audience Award.

Furthermore, the 10-pound application allows you into the opt in or opt out clause to be on the Transition Stage Company website database for a year which is only visible for people who have a unique access code.  Production companies or creative industry personnel looking for short scripts to develop in Theatre or Film will have a unique access code where they can see your writing, and if they wish to use your script with your 'permission', you can contact Writers Guild to guide you with your contract and fee. Transition stage Company advises all writers to seek guidance in protecting your rights if you are not familiar with contracts and protecting your intellectual property.  You the writer always own the Rights to your script and the Writers Guild union is there to protect the writer's rights.

30-pound submission entry for Enter.Stage.Write 

The 30-pound submission allows you twenty minutes one to one coaching with your short 10-7 minute script/screenplay submission with an expert industry script advisor these submissions are subject to availability and how quickly you can submit your script. Transition Stage Company are due to run them in the week starting September 24th in London and Birmingham. Furthermore, this submission allows you to be in the opt-in, and opt-out database with the same benefits as the 10-pound script entry. Also, this will enable you to send a second update of your submitted final draft before the competition submission guideline. 

The slated coaches are Tim Stimpson Chair of Writers Guild who is an award-winning writer of Archers, Coronation Street and East Enders and Anna Southgate who is Script Coach and producer, who is working with BBC 4 and recently worked with Actor Oscar winner Emma Thompson.  

These coaching sessions are currently available In Birmingham and London, and there will be additional expert script coaches added to the event as we plough on with the competition. However, if there is a strong drive from Northen boarders, Cardiff and Scotland we will implement industry writing coaches to fit the area criteria, regional inclusivity is important to Transition Stage Company. 

For more info and queries into these coach sessions or if they will be more sessions in your local area email info@transitionstagecompany.com title  Script Coach 

Building Networks 

Another of Transition Stage’s future endeavours is to bridge the gap between UK and US industries through connections made during the networking hubbub of events such as ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’. Having started life supporting prestige drama, film and art schools in New York City, Transition Stage Company is equipped with the know-how of how to approach American corporate companies, investors and casting directors – perks which our event applicants can look forward to in the future. The nature of the ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’ event certainly gives it transatlantic capabilities, there will be plans to branch out and launch similar events in other regions within the UK. After having established some firm ground within the UK, the company aims to travel back to its roots in New York.


A night of exhilaration and suspense and 
glamorous festive entertaining  for family and friends
Which writer will win a 1000 pound and be crowned Enter Stage write Champion 2018? Who will the audience choose as their best actor and writer? 'YOU DECIDE'

Be part of this new cultural revolution and come to an evening celebrating the best scriptwriters of Britain performed by the best creatives of the Midlands 

There is parking located close to the venue 
for specialised seating and more information email info@transitionstagecompany.com
 Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University 200 Jennens RD Birmingham B47XR
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